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Welcome to our world!

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As a Mom-Daughter Team, Cathy and Melissa Richardson

have always had an eye for all things creative.

From painting to graphic design, sketching, and so much more, these two Texas gals are always on the hunt for a new project. Living in the good ol’ city of Austin, TX, along with three boys and a dog, they are constantly enjoying the bright sun - getting their creative juices flowing, sparking new ideas for artsy exploration, and baking chocolate chip cookies.


Cathy, "Mom", is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She is a woman of intention who never gives up on her goals. Melissa is a daughter, sister, and friend. She will always find a way to create something new! Melis is a soccer player, an artist, and a dreamer who takes her concepts to fruition with joy. Together, the dynamic duo finds within every day an opportunity to inspire, laugh, and be the best team they can be.





Mission Statement

CiMi Shine is a creative collaboration of constant innovation and creativity.

It is our goal to inspire positive thinking through our gifts and personalized products and promote appreciation for design.

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CiMi SHiNE Stands For YOU!

We created our brand to show anyone anywhere that there is no better person to be other than yourself! The only way to be yourself is to love what you do, celebrate who you are and embrace your inner shine. We strive to create art and products that do just this!

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